Tuesday, July 30, 2013

That's right "Hellfire" by Jean Johnson is out today! I love Theirs not to reason why series

Now I'm just plan excited about this one!  I loved A Soldier's Duty, I have the 2nd book and I'm dying to read this one!  I hope that Jean Johnson continues the series 300 years in the future when the other precog is fulfilling the final part.


Her story began in the national bestsellers A Soldier’s Duty and An Officer’s Duty. Now Ia is captain and commander at the helm of Hellfire, where she is finally free to chart the course for the fulfillment of her destiny…

As captain, Ia must now assemble a crew that can rise to the ultimate challenge of saving the galaxy. The hardest part will be getting them to believe her, to trust in her prophecies. If they don’t, her own crew will end up being the biggest obstacle in her race against time.

The Salik are breaking through the Blockade, plunging the known galaxy into war. Ia cannot stop it this time, nor does she want to. This is the terrible price she has seen all along—that some must pay with their lives so that others might live. Now only time itself can prove whether each member of her crew is merely a soldier or truly one of Ia’s Damned.